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You should definitely avoid this ingredient in your CBD bath bombs


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We have lots of standards for our products. For instance, it’s vital that our creams absorb quickly and aren’t greasy (cuz who likes that?!). And we don’t ever want any of our products to smell like cannabis (that’s one of the reasons we only use PURE CBD).

But perhaps the most important standard that we abide by is our standard for ingredients.

Our philosophy is simple – You shouldn’t create an ailment or illness from using a product that is supposed to be making you better. Makes sense, right?

That’s why we never use parabens or sulfates in any of our products. One ingredient that is banned from Hot Mess Kushmetics products seems to be in quite a few other brand’s lineup. Cornstarch. We’ve noticed this dirty ingredient popping up in other CBD bath bombs so I’m going to tell you why you should definitely be avoiding it.

Cornstarch may seem harmless. You don’t often hear of people having allergies or sensitivities to it, and you may even have it in your pantry right now. In the kitchen, it’s pretty harmless.

But add it to your bath, and you’ve created the perfect recipe for a yeast infection (Ew!!!!) You see, cornstarch acts as food for yeast. Throw in some warm water and you’ve got the perfect reaction to either create or exacerbate a yeast infection.

So why are other CBD brands adding it to their bath bombs? For two simple reasons:

  1. It’s a cheap filler.
  2. It encourages the bath bomb to float.

Floating bath bombs are cool and all, but an itchy crotch isn’t. Now, we never had any intention of adding cornstarch to our CBD Bath Bombs, but we were still curious as to how important a floating bath bombs are to our customers. Turns out, not very important at all. When we took a poll from our prior customers and asked them if they would rather have a bath bomb that floats, or a bath bomb with lots of moisturizing oil, the response we got was overwhelmingly in favor of the oils, which just confirmed that we were right to leave out the cornstarch.

CBD infused bath bombs are an amazing product. Just look at some of our reviews!

Just look at what Erica told us about the Malibu Mary Bath Bomb: “My favorite item! I have the best night of sleep when I use the bath bombs.” 

And they’re definitely helping out Shannon: “Everyone is raving about these bombs! They made my hip labral tear feel sooooo much better and my eczema calm down in one bath. I use less meds when I use these and less lotion as well.”

So, the next time you want to soak in some soothing CBD, be sure to check the ingredients. And definitely pass on the cheap cornstarch ones.

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